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Residential Work Includes:


Kitchen remodeling

House additions

Bathroom remodeling


Siding replacement

Remodeling repair

Windows and doors





New and Remodeled
Residential Projects:

Gunflint Lake Log Cabin

This was built and required carrying the logs across a frozen lake
because there is no road access to the remote location.

Snow was removed from the frozen lake so the ice could
freeze to a greater depth for the crossing.

Black Butte

The timber frame (shown under construction below) for this home in Black Butte
was made from recycled Ponderosa Pine timbers
removed from an old military warehouse dismantled in Arizona.

Black Butte timber frame

Oregon Coast

Built at the Oregon Coast, this 3500 square foot house was specially engineered
with a steel core embedded in it to prevent racking in the
high winds that can pummel the area.

South Salem

New decks and siding at this South Salem home.

West Salem

Wood shingled exterior with fancy shingle details

West Salem

After a fire destroyed a West Salem home, John removed the debris
and constructed this new home on the site.

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