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Locally owned and operated since 1978, Paragon Construction does residential and commercial construction as well as historical restorations.

About us . . .

Contact information:

John Eibert, owner
Paragon Construction Company
2008 Ptarmigan St NW
Salem, OR 97304-2804
Office phone (503)399-0914,
Cell phone (503)931-6395

Email: John@ParagonConstructionOregon.com

General Information:

Paragon Construction Company is a full-service General Contracting company licensed and bonded in the State of Oregon. Other certifications include:

EPA Certified Renovator,
Emerging Small Business (#5916),
Construction Contractors Board license CCB# 35167
with a Residential General Contractor
and a Commercial General Contractor Level 2 endorsement.

Our work includes:

project management,
new construction,
tenant improvements, and
renovations in commercial buildings as well as residential remodeling.

Each job is different and presents itself with unique circumstances and challenges. John is an experienced problem-solver and welcomes diverse projects, providing outstanding solutions to your construction needs.

Our philosophy:

At Paragon Construction, we are committed to using sustainable construction practices.  We instituted recycling practices before it became the norm for construction sites – useable products are taken to the Habitat for Humanity Restore Center, metals are taken to transfer stations or metal recycling sites, organic debris is taken to composting sites, and concrete and asphalt is taken to RiverBend Sand and Gravel where it is reused.  Our goal is to minimize construction debris and to have a low impact on our environment.  In addition, we strive to provide a superior result in all that we do.

Our motto:

Build it to last!


Safety is a primary concern at Paragon Construction. It is our feeling that a clean worksite is a safe worksite. And our safety officer, Larry Hande, is always diligent to ensure that the best work practices are maintained at all times.

Volunteer work:

Giving back to the community is important. John has worked on the Pechuck Lookout restoration, Peace PlazaWall plaque installation, and Santiam Blowout Shelter construction.

Paragon Construction is a family owned and operated business.

Send email to John@ParagonConstructionOregon.com